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Digital Signs Engagement: Elevating Customer Experience at Dealerships

Does your automotive dealership struggle to engage customers on-site effectively? You’re not alone: 72% of consumers would frequent dealerships more if the buying process was improved.

This article will unravel how digital signage can revolutionize your dealership, turning it into an interactive and informative experience for potential buyers. Curious about harnessing this technology?

Key Takeaways

  • Digital signs in automotive dealerships can revolutionize the customer experience by providing engaging visuals, promoting dealership information, and showcasing brand history and commercials.
  • Digital signage improves operational efficiency by streamlining dealership processes, such as displaying real-time marketing messages and queue management.
  • By leveraging various types of digital signage, including digital signs in showrooms, customer lounge TVs, digital welcome signs, interactive kiosks, video walls, and digital service menus, car dealerships can effectively engage customers and enhance their overall experience.

Understanding Digital Signs in Automotive Dealerships

Photography of digital signage displaying car models and cityscapes, featuring diverse faces, hairstyles, and outfits.

Digital signs are transforming the atmosphere and experience in automotive dealerships across the world. They leverage LED or projection technology to present vibrant, dynamic content that instantly draws customers’ attention.

These digital displays can feature a wide array of information – from service center menus to brand history briefs, current commercials, inventory presentations, and price lists.

Dealership promotion is one key function of digital signage in this industry. Cars on sale, featured models with their specs, or even customer testimonials can be highlighted through these visually appealing displays.

Staff introductions and biographies can also be shared through digital signage screens, adding a personal touch to the overall customer experience.

In addition to providing engaging visuals for potential buyers browsing your showroom floor, digital signs also improve operational efficiency by streamlining dealership processes such as queue management or displaying real-time marketing messages based on targeted advertising strategies.

This ensures that clientele are well-informed about available vehicles, financing options, and any special deals throughout their visit while simultaneously enhancing the brand identity of automotive dealerships.

With over half of car shoppers feeling nervous during visits (52%, according to surveys), employing effective digital sign systems can help alleviate stress by making visitors feel more comfortable with relevant and up-to-date information at every turn within your dealership; statistics show 72% would frequent dealerships more often if buying procedures were enhanced – an improvement easily achievable via effective utilization of modern-day interactive kiosks alongside traditional static signs in an auto showroom’s environment.

The Power of Digital Signs: Engaging Customers Effectively

A digital sign displays a dynamic promotional message in a busy dealership showroom with diverse people and a vibrant atmosphere.Digital signs in automotive dealerships offer a powerful way to engage customers through the promotion of dealership information, service menus, brand history and commercials, inventory presentations, sales promotions, customer testimonials, and staff introductions.

Promotion of Dealership

Digital signage serves as a game-changer in the promotion of dealerships. With bright, vibrant displays catching every eye that passes by, this technology can take your dealership’s visibility to new heights.

Automotive dealerships are significantly using digital signs to exhibit car specs and prices while promoting services and strengthening brand loyalty.

With real-time marketing messages on display, potential customers receive up-to-the-minute information about inventory updates, vehicle specifications, payment options, and promotions.

Using touchscreen displays allows for personalized content offering special deals and offers tailored to different buyer personas. Trust Digital Dealership System to provide digital signage solutions tailored explicitly for automotive businesses with their tech life cycle management program – they’re known for their professionalism and dedicated service delivery.

Display of Service Center Menu & Other Relevant Information

A digital signage display showing automotive services and prices in a sleek service center environment, surrounded by diverse people.

Digital signage in automotive dealerships plays a critical role in revealing the service center menu to customers. This dynamic digital display vividly showcases all available services, from oil changes and wiper blade replacements to comprehensive maintenance plans.

Each service is complemented by its corresponding cost, making it easy for customers to make informed decisions based on their budget. Real-time updates ensure that the pricing information remains accurate at all times.

This transparent sharing of information boosts operational efficiency while enhancing the overall customer experience within the dealership’s premises.

Showcasing Brand History and Current Commercials

A vintage car parked outside a dealership with a billboard showcasing brand history and current commercials.

Automotive dealerships can effectively engage customers by showcasing their brand history and current commercials through digital signage. By utilizing LCD, LED, or projection technology, dealerships can display engaging videos and images that highlight the rich heritage of the brand.

This helps to create a sense of trust and credibility among customers who are interested in purchasing a vehicle. Featuring current commercials on digital signs allows dealerships to promote new models or special offers in an impactful way, capturing the attention of potential buyers.

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With these features, automotive dealerships can effectively communicate their brand story and increase customer engagement.

Inventory Presentation and Price Lists

A digital display showcasing various car models and pricing information with a cityscape backdrop.

Digital signage in automotive dealerships effectively presents inventory and price lists to engage customers. With dynamic displays and real-time updates, digital signs provide a visually appealing showcase of available vehicles and their pricing information.

Customers can easily explore the inventory, filtering options based on their preferences and price range. The digital signage also allows for quick updates to reflect new arrivals or sold vehicles, ensuring that the information is always up-to-date and accurate.

The inclusion of price lists helps customers make informed decisions about their purchase, comparing different models and features side by side. It enhances the overall dealership experience by providing a convenient and visually appealing way for customers to explore the available inventory and pricing options.

Current Sales and Service Promotions

A vibrant digital signage display showcasing sales and service promotions in a bustling atmosphere.

The digital signage in automotive dealerships can effectively showcase the current sales and service promotions. By using dynamic content and eye-catching visuals, dealerships can grab customers’ attention and highlight their latest discounts, special offers, and limited-time deals.

Whether it’s a discounted price on a new car model or a promotion for maintenance services like oil changes or tire rotations, digital signs provide an engaging platform to communicate these current promotions to potential buyers.

This helps increase foot traffic in showrooms and drive customer conversions by creating a sense of urgency around the limited-time offers.

Highlighting sales promotions, digital signage also serves as an effective tool for advertising service specials. Dealerships can use vibrant graphics and compelling messaging to promote discounted maintenance packages, seasonal service specials, or any other incentives aimed at encouraging customers to bring their vehicles in for servicing.

Highlighting Customer Testimonials

A diverse group of customers smiling and interacting with Coffman Media's digital signage.

Customers have praised Digital Dealership System for their effectiveness in engaging dealership customers. The testimonials highlight the professionalism and dedication of the Digital Dealership System’s team in providing these solutions.

These customer reviews emphasize how efficiently and effectively they manage technology and warranty lifecycles, further adding to their credibility.

Staff Introductions and Biographies

Staff introductions and biographies are crucial in building trust and forming a personal connection with dealership customers. By showcasing the expertise and experience of staff members through digital signage, customers gain confidence in the dealership’s service.

Including photos and videos of staff members makes these introductions more engaging and relatable. Regularly updating staff introductions on digital signage keeps the content fresh, reflecting any changes in the team.

Ultimately, showcasing staff introductions and biographies on digital signs enhances the customer experience, improving trust and satisfaction, which can lead to increased sales.

Types of Digital Signage to Leverage in Car Dealerships

An interactive digital kiosk displaying a sleek car model in a modern car dealership with diverse customers.

Car dealerships can leverage various types of digital signage, such as digital signs in showrooms, customer lounge TVs, digital welcome signs, interactive digital kiosks, video walls, and digital service menus.

Digital Sign in Showrooms

Digital signs in showrooms are a powerful tool for engaging dealership customers. They provide an opportunity to showcase car models, prices, and financing options. With dynamic content and visually appealing displays, digital signs attract attention and create an immersive experience for potential buyers.

Digital signage can be used to promote special deals, offers, and discounts in real time. By leveraging this technology in showrooms, dealerships can enhance the customer journey and increase sales conversions.

Customer Lounge TV

A modern Customer Lounge TV displays captivating seascape photography featuring various people with different hairstyles and outfits.

Customer Lounge TV is a type of digital signage that specifically caters to engaging dealership customers. It provides various content options to keep customers entertained and informed while they wait at the dealership.

Whether it’s showcasing brand commercials, displaying service center menus, or highlighting current sales promotions, Customer Lounge TV ensures that customers have an enjoyable and informative experience during their visit.

It adds value to the customer journey by offering relevant information and creating a visually appealing atmosphere in the lounge area.

Digital Welcome Signs

Photography of a digital welcome sign featuring diverse people in a cityscape setting.Digital welcome signs are an important component of digital signage in automotive dealerships. These signs play a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers as they enter the dealership.

With personalized messages and directions, digital welcome signs can guide walk-ins to the appropriate departments and make them feel valued right from the start. They also provide an opportunity for dealerships to showcase their brand identity and create a positive first impression.

By leveraging digital technology, these signs have become an effective tool for engaging customers and enhancing their overall experience at car dealerships.

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Interactive Digital Kiosks

An engaged couple browsing car models using a digital kiosk in a modern dealership with a bustling atmosphere.Interactive digital kiosks are a valuable tool for engaging customers in car dealerships. These kiosks serve as interactive touchscreens that provide visitors with information and guidance throughout the dealership.

They can be used to display directions guiding customers between different sales departments and service areas. Interactive digital kiosks also offer the opportunity to showcase customer reviews, providing potential buyers with social proof of the dealership’s quality service.

These kiosks can display detailed car specifications, pricing information, promotions, and service offerings. With their user-friendly interface and informative content, interactive digital kiosks enhance the overall customer experience at automotive dealerships.

Video Walls

A video wall displaying vibrant car imagery, showcasing sleek interior and exterior shots, capturing different faces, hair styles, and outfits.

Video walls are a dynamic type of digital signage that can be effectively utilized in car dealerships to engage customers. By joining multiple screens together, video walls create immersive experiences and capture the attention of visitors in showrooms.

These impressive displays are perfect for showcasing brand videos, product commercials, and other visually appealing content that highlights the unique features of vehicles. With video walls, car dealerships can create an engaging atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on potential customers as they explore the showroom.

Digital Service Menus

Digital service menus are a key component of digital signage in car dealerships. They provide an effective way to showcase the various services offered by the dealership’s service center.

Not only do these menus display a comprehensive list of services, but they also include relevant information, such as the cost of each service. By utilizing digital service menus, dealerships can easily inform and educate customers about their service offerings, helping them make informed decisions about their vehicle maintenance needs.

The Benefits of Digital Signage for Dealerships

A modern car showroom featuring digital signage and a bustling atmosphere with various people and cars on display.

Digital signage in dealerships provides numerous benefits, including the ability to separate the dealership from the competition, enhance the customer journey, increase vehicle sales, and boost service retention.

Separate Dealership from Competition


Digital signage is a powerful tool that can help car dealerships separate themselves from the competition. With dynamic and visually appealing displays, dealerships can create a unique brand image that sets them apart in the market.

By showcasing their inventory, pricing updates, and special deals on digital screens, dealerships can grab the attention of potential customers and highlight what makes them different from other competitors.

This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also increases the chances of conversions and sales. With digital signage, dealerships can effectively communicate their offerings and value propositions to stand out from the crowd.

Enhance the Customer Journey

Digital signage in automotive dealerships has the potential to enhance the customer journey significantly. By leveraging digital signs, dealerships can provide a more engaging and interactive experience for their customers.

They can showcase brand history and current commercials to create a connection between the customer and the brand. Digital signs can display service center menus and other relevant information, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

With real-time updates on inventory presentation, price lists, and current sales promotions, customers have access to all the necessary information right at their fingertips. Highlighting customer testimonials and introducing staff members through digital signage helps build trust and rapport with potential buyers.

All of these elements work together to create an enhanced customer journey that is informative, visually appealing, and personalized.

By enhancing the customer journey through digital signs in automotive dealerships:

– Customers are provided with a more immersive and interactive experience.

– They have access to important information at their convenience.

Increase Vehicle Sales

Digital signage in car showrooms has proven to be an effective tool for boosting vehicle sales. By leveraging dynamic and visually appealing displays, dealerships can capture the attention of potential customers and drive them toward making a purchase.

In fact, studies have shown that digital signage can increase sales conversion rates by up to 30%. With the ability to showcase inventory updates, pricing information, financing options, and special deals in real-time, digital signs provide valuable information to buyers at the critical point of decision-making.

Personalized content and targeted advertising tailored to buyer personas can help create a more engaging and persuasive shopping experience. As a result, implementing digital signage strategies in car dealerships can help separate your dealership from competitors and ultimately lead to increased vehicle sales.

Boost Service Retention

Digital signage in automotive dealerships can significantly boost service retention by providing valuable information and promotions to customers. With dynamic content displayed on digital screens in the service waiting area, customers can be entertained and informed about maintenance tips, current specials, and even their appointment time or maintenance progress.

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Studies have shown that digital signage in waiting rooms can reduce perceived wait times by over 35%, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. By leveraging digital displays to enhance the overall service experience, dealerships can effectively retain customers and build long-term relationships.


A happy customer interacts with a digital sign in a bustling cityscape, showcasing dealership information.

Leveraging digital signage in automotive dealerships is a powerful tool to engage customers effectively. By promoting the dealership, displaying relevant information, showcasing brand history and commercials, presenting inventory and price lists, highlighting promotions and testimonials, and introducing staff members, dealerships can enhance the customer journey, increase vehicle sales, and boost service retention.

With the market value of digital signage on the rise, incorporating this technology into car showrooms is crucial for separating dealerships from their competition and creating a visually appealing and interactive environment that attracts customers.


1. How can digital signs content help in engaging dealership customers?

Digital signs content can engage dealership customers by providing visually appealing advertisements, promotions, and informative messages that capture their attention and interest. It creates a dynamic and interactive experience that enhances customer engagement with the dealership.

2. What types of content can be displayed on digital signs at dealerships?

Dealerships can display various types of content on digital signs, including new vehicle features and specifications, special offers or promotions, customer testimonials, upcoming events or sales, safety tips, maintenance reminders, or even entertaining videos to keep customers engaged while they wait.

3. Is it necessary to have professional graphic design skills for creating digital sign content?

While having professional graphic design skills is beneficial for creating high-quality and eye-catching digital sign content, it is not always necessary. There are user-friendly software tools available that allow dealerships to create visually appealing content using templates or pre-designed elements without requiring extensive design knowledge.

4. Can I customize the digital sign content based on different target audiences?

Yes, customization of digital sign content based on different target audiences is possible and highly recommended. By tailoring the messages and visuals to specific demographics or customer segments (such as families, sports enthusiasts, luxury car buyers), dealerships can effectively connect with their intended audience and provide relevant information that resonates with them.