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Service Drive Digital Signs

service drive digital signs

Digital Signs for the Service Drive

Service Drive Digital Signs provide a digital marketing platform that impacts 100% of car dealer service customers to Boost CSI, Service Profits, Retention and Enhance the Customer Experience. 

Digital Signs for the service drive include DMS Service Status Signs, Digital Service Menus, Dare to Compare Signs and DMS-Connected Welcome Boards

service status menu

DMS Service Status

DMS-Connected Service Status Menus automatically update the Service Appointment Status as it goes through the RO process. The Service Status Menu has a split screen design that includes unlimited marketing and menus that show at the same time as appointment updates, allowing dealers to inform and educated customers on dealership products, services and value position.

Service Menu

The multi-zone service menu provides unlimited menus and marketing at the same time, allowing customers to see pricing and the latest promotions. Categorized menus make it easier to for customers to see relevant dealership service menu pricing. 

service menu for car dealerships
dare to compare Screen Left crop

Dare to Compare

Compare dealership pricing and services with the Dare to Compare digital “WHY-BUY” board. Mix unlimited comparison templates with dealer marketing. Increase customer confidence in the dealership’s service with the Dare to Compare board.

Welcome Board

Welcome guests with their name in lights without the need for expensive scanning hardware. Our proprietary algorithm rotates through customer’s appointments based on time-blocks, showing names frequently based on their appointment time.

The DMS-Connect Welcome Board updates automatically, without any staff interaction. Customers love the professional welcome message and dealers love the automation.

welcome board

Digital Service Sign Integration Partners

Additional DMS integrations available through third parties

Common Dealership Digital SignFull-Store Installations


​Boost Service Revenue, CSI, Retention and Move Customers from Service to Sales

DMS Service Status Menu

Dare to Compare

ddsTV w/ DMS Status

3x 55" Commercial TVs

Advanced Package

Includes the Starter Package plus a Showroom Experience with Staff Tracking & Motivation


Sales Leaderboard Basic

3x 55" Commercial TVs

3x 65" Commercial TVs

most popular

Premium Package

Includes the Advanced Package plus an Immersive Showroom and Premium Staff Experience

136" LED Video Wall

Sales Leaderboard Pro

Fixed Ops Leaderboard

2x 65" Commercial TVs

Complete Dealership
Digital Sign Solutions

The Digital Dealership System Offers a Complete Suite of Digital Sign Solutions for Car Dealers Ranging from a Single Screen to a Full Dealership that is Custom Designed and Professionally Installed by our Team. The Digital Sign Systems Meets the Digital Sign Needs of Car Dealers of any Size and Budget.

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Services Drive
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Service Drive

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Kiosk & POPs

Why Digital Dealership System

The Digital Dealership System’s Managed Car Dealer Digital Sign & Dashboard Solutions Utilize Advanced Technologies to Maximize ROI by Providing the Right Message to the Right Customer at the Right Time Throughout their Dealership Journey. Digital Sign Installations are Backed by Unparalleled Customer Service and Support while Designed from the Ground Up with Years of Dealer Industry Experience and installations.

Advanced Technologies

Market-leading, integrated digital signage solutions set your dealership apart, offering a competitive edge with the latest in digital display technology.

Managed Content Updates

Automatically curated, edited, and filtered digital sign content at no extra cost, or take control by updating sign content on your schedule.

Complete Solutions

The most comprehensive suite of custom digital sign and digital dashboard solutions delivers the right message at the right location of your dealership to maximize ROI.

digital signs for car dealers

Competitive Pricing

Basic, Pro, or Full-Store digital signage and dashboard solutions, each designed to suit the budget and objectives of dealerships of all sizes.

Complete Solutions

Experience unparalleled versatility with our custom digital signage suite, ensuring the perfect message is delivered at the right place, every time.

​99.999% Uptime

Our expertly managed digital signage network infrastructure guarantees maximum uptime and minimal maintenance, ensuring seamless operations.

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