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Auto Dealership Marketing Digital Displays

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Has your car dealership been struggling to grab customers’ attention? Research indicates that over 60% of purchasing decisions are influenced by visual cues. Our article will guide you through how digital displays can give a significant boost to your auto dealership’s marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Digital displays in auto dealerships can promote current promotions, discounts, and service plans to inform customers about savings and deals.
  • Showcasing new car offers and inventory through digital signage helps customers easily see what is available and increases the chances of making a sale.
  • Utilizing interactive displays in waiting rooms and showrooms engages customers, reduces boredom, and creates a positive experience while they wait.
  • Digital signage provides valuable information such as service center menus and directions, enhancing convenience for customers and improving their satisfaction.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Auto Dealerships

Photo of a car dealership with a large digital sign displaying current promotions, new car offers, and inventory.Digital signage in auto dealerships promotes current promotions and discounts, showcases new car offers and inventory, enhances the customer experience in waiting rooms and showrooms, provides valuable information such as service center menus and directions, and engages and entertains customers with interactive displays.

Promote current promotions and discounts

A car dealership display with a digital sign showcasing promotions and a bustling atmosphere.

Digital signs in car stores show current sales and deals. They have ads for special short-time offers. This helps people know about price cuts and savings. Digital signs also tell about service plans and warranty deals at the store.

These signs make sure people do not miss any good deal. This way, digital signs help sell more cars and services at the store.

Showcase new car offers and inventory

A luxury car displayed in a showroom surrounded by diverse people and a vibrant cityscape.

Digital signs can show the newest cars for sale. These displays help customers see what is in stock right away. They have bright and eye-catching visuals. This makes it easy to notice new deals or hot-selling models.

Digital signage does more than just look good, though. It links to the car dealership’s inventory system. This way, all information shown is current and real-time. Customers get instant updates on which cars are available or sold out.

The use of digital signs boosts sales by showing people exactly what they want to buy!

Enhance the customer experience in waiting rooms and showrooms

A customer admiring a stylish car in a modern showroom, surrounded by a diverse group of people.

Digital displays play a vital role in auto dealerships. They make waiting rooms and showrooms more engaging. This helps lift the mood of customers. It also gives them something valuable to do while they wait.

Customers often get bored in dealership waiting areas. Digital signage can change this! The signage can display car model videos, promotional materials, and useful info for clients to view while they wait.

Also, these exciting video ads draw the interest of showroom visitors towards new cars on sale!

Provide valuable information such as service center menus and directions

A photo showing a busy auto dealership with a digital screen displaying service center menus and directions.

Digital signage in auto dealerships is a valuable tool for providing customers with important information, such as service center menus and directions. By displaying this information on digital screens, dealerships can ensure that customers have easy access to the details they need.

This helps to enhance the overall customer experience by providing convenience and eliminating any confusion or frustration. With clear and easily visible service center menus and directions available through digital signage, customers can quickly find the information they are looking for, improving their satisfaction and loyalty to the dealership.

Engage and entertain customers with interactive displays

A group of customers happily exploring car options on a large interactive screen, surrounded by a vibrant cityscape backdrop.Interactive displays in auto dealerships are an effective way to engage and entertain customers. With interactive screens, businesses can create a dynamic and interactive experience that captures the attention of potential buyers.

These displays not only provide valuable information about current promotions, inventory, and service center menus but also allow customers to interact with the content. By incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes or games, auto dealerships can make the browsing process more enjoyable for customers while keeping them engaged with their brand.

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This helps in creating a positive customer experience and increasing the chances of making a sale.

Effective Strategies for Using Digital Signage in Auto Dealerships

A diverse group of satisfied customers pose in front of a digital signage displaying impressive car features.

Utilize strong design and captivating content to grab the attention of potential customers and make a lasting impression.

Utilize strong design and captivating content

A luxury car showcased in a vibrant city environment with diverse individuals, showcasing different styles and perspectives.

Using eye-catching designs and captivating content is crucial when implementing digital signage in auto dealerships. It helps grab the attention of customers and makes the messaging more memorable. Here are some key elements to consider:

  1. High-quality visuals: Incorporate high-resolution images and videos that showcase the vehicles, promotions, and services offered by the dealership.
  2. Clear and concise messaging: Keep the text on the displays short and easy to read. Use compelling headlines, bullet points, and concise descriptions to convey important information.
  3. Use strategic colors: Choose colors that represent your brand effectively and evoke emotions that align with your message. Bright and vibrant colors can attract attention, while muted tones can convey professionalism.
  4. Engaging animations: Add animated elements to your digital displays to make them more visually appealing and dynamic. Consider using motion graphics or subtle animations to draw attention to specific content.
  5. Incorporate customer testimonials: Display positive reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers on your digital signage screens. This helps build trust with potential buyers and reinforces the dealership’s credibility.

Tailor messaging for different audience segments

A digital signage screen displays car models and targeted messages for different audience segments, with accompanying cityscape photography.

Digital signage provides auto dealerships with the opportunity to tailor their messaging for different audience segments. By customizing messages and advertisements based on the specific interests and needs of each target group, businesses can effectively engage and communicate with their customers.

This targeted advertising allows dealerships to deliver personalized content that resonates with their audience, increasing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. By segmenting their audience and creating tailored messages, auto dealerships can attract new customers, build brand loyalty, and drive sales in a more impactful way.

Incorporate live inventory and retargeting strategies

A digital screen showing real-time car inventory with diverse models and people in a bustling atmosphere.

To make the most of digital signage in auto dealerships, it’s important to incorporate live inventory and retargeting strategies. Here are some effective ways to do this:

  • Display real – time inventory updates on digital screens to showcase the latest car models and availability.
  • Use retargeting techniques to show ads for specific vehicles that customers have shown interest in.
  • Personalize the messaging on digital displays based on customer preferences and browsing history.
  • Offer exclusive promotions or discounts for certain vehicles that can only be seen on digital signage.
  • Utilize interactive features on digital screens that allow customers to search for specific cars or request more information.

Enhance on-hold marketing and customer lounge television

A digital signage display promoting dealership services with a variety of people, outfits, and hair styles.

Auto dealerships can enhance their on-hold marketing and improve the experience in customer lounges through digital signage. By using digital displays strategically, dealerships can provide valuable information, promote current offers, and engage customers while they wait.

Digital signage screens can showcase engaging content such as videos, promotions, service menus, and inventory updates. This not only reduces perceived wait times but also educates customers about the dealership’s services and offerings.

By utilizing digital signage to enhance on-hold marketing and customer lounge television, auto dealerships can create a more informative and entertaining environment for their customers.

Use scent marketing to create a memorable atmosphere

A beautifully decorated room filled with flowers, candles, different faces, hair styles, outfits, and a lively atmosphere.

Scent marketing is a powerful way to make your auto dealership stand out and create a memorable atmosphere. By using pleasant fragrances, you can tap into customers’ emotions and enhance their experience.

Smells have the ability to trigger memories and emotions, making your dealership more memorable to potential buyers. When customers associate a particular scent with positive feelings in your showroom or waiting room, they are more likely to remember their experience and come back for future car purchases.

Incorporating scent marketing into your digital signage strategy can help create an emotional connection with customers and increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

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In addition to creating a memorable atmosphere, scent marketing can also improve overall customer satisfaction at your dealership. Studies have shown that pleasant smells can reduce stress and anxiety, creating a more relaxed environment for customers as they browse cars or wait for service appointments.

By appealing to multiple senses, such as sight through digital signage and smell through fragrance marketing, you can provide a holistic sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Digital Signage Best Practices

A vibrant urban cityscape with diverse people, billboards, and a bustling atmosphere, captured in high-quality photography.

Think outside the box by creating dynamic and eye-catching content for your digital signage screens.

Think outside the box with dynamic content

A bustling cityscape with interactive car models and special offers displayed on digital screens.

Digital signage in auto dealership marketing can be taken to the next level by thinking outside the box with dynamic content. Instead of using static images or text, utilizing dynamic visuals and interactive elements can capture the attention of potential customers and make your dealership stand out from the competition.

Dynamic content allows for eye-catching promotional materials, engaging visual effects, and persuasive digital advertising campaigns. Studies have shown that digital displays attract 400% more views than static ones, making them a highly effective tool for drawing in new customers.

By embracing innovative advertising techniques and cutting-edge marketing technologies, you can create an immersive and memorable experience for your audience.

Create original video content for digital signage screens

A diverse group of people watching an engaging video on a digital signage screen in a bustling atmosphere.

Creating original video content for digital signage screens is crucial for auto dealership marketing. Videos are a powerful tool for visual storytelling and can effectively engage customers.

By utilizing videos on digital signage screens, auto dealerships can showcase their promotions, products, services, and events in an engaging and captivating way. These videos can help create a memorable customer experience and build trust among potential buyers.

With the availability of free digital signage software, businesses have the opportunity to easily create their own multimedia content that will grab the attention of customers passing by or waiting in showrooms and waiting rooms.

Treat display ads as an extension of your website

A diverse group of car shoppers looking at a digital display with a dealership's website branding in the background.

When it comes to digital signage in auto dealerships, it’s important to treat display ads as an extension of your website. This means that the ads should align with your website’s branding and messaging.

By doing so, you can create a consistent and cohesive customer experience across all platforms. Additionally, treating display ads as an extension of your website allows you to leverage the same content and promotions that are featured on your site.

This helps reinforce key messages and increases brand recognition among customers who may have already visited your website. With this approach, you can effectively use digital displays to capture attention, drive traffic, and ultimately boost sales at your auto dealership.

Make use of WiFi marketing and on-demand auto repair content

Incorporating WiFi marketing and on-demand auto repair content into your auto dealership’s digital signage strategy can greatly enhance the customer experience. By offering free WiFi access, you allow customers to stay connected while they wait, making their visit more enjoyable.

Additionally, providing on-demand auto repair content through digital displays gives customers valuable information and service details, helping them feel informed and confident in their decision-making process.

This combination of WiFi marketing and on-demand content adds value to the overall dealership experience, keeping customers engaged and satisfied.

Drive promotions with overhead messaging

One effective strategy for using digital signage in auto dealerships is to drive promotions with overhead messaging. By displaying promotional messages on the screens throughout the dealership, you can capture the attention of customers and create a sense of urgency.

This can help increase foot traffic to specific areas of your dealership or encourage customers to take advantage of limited-time offers or discounts. With real-time updates, you can easily change and update your promotions as needed, ensuring that customers always see the most relevant information.

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By leveraging this targeted advertising approach, you can effectively communicate your promotional campaigns and boost sales conversion.


A photo of a sleek sports car in a modern dealership showroom, with different people and surroundings, taken with high-quality equipment.

In conclusion, digital displays have become an essential marketing tool for auto dealerships. Whether it’s promoting current discounts, showcasing new car offers, or enhancing the customer experience, digital signage is a powerful way to engage customers and drive sales.

By utilizing effective strategies and best practices, auto dealerships can create impactful campaigns that leave a lasting impression on their audience. So, if you’re in the automotive industry, don’t miss out on the potential of digital displays to boost your dealership’s marketing efforts.


1. How can auto dealership marketing digital displays benefit my business?

Auto dealership marketing digital displays can attract more customers by showcasing special offers, promotions, and vehicle features in an engaging and visually appealing manner.

2. Are auto dealership marketing digital displays easy to install?

Yes, auto dealership marketing digital displays are designed to be easily installed and integrated into existing signage systems without requiring extensive technical knowledge or expertise.

3. Can I customize the content on my auto dealership marketing digital display?

Yes, you can customize the content on your auto dealership marketing digital display to suit your specific needs and preferences. This allows you to showcase different vehicles, pricing information, or any other promotional messages.

4. How do auto dealership marketing digital displays help increase sales?

Auto dealership marketing digital displays capture attention and provide potential customers with information that may influence their purchasing decisions. By effectively promoting your inventory and highlighting key selling points, they can help drive more sales for your business.