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New Vehicle Delivery System

New Car Delivery Screen New Car Delivery Screen

The New Vehicle Delivery System provides for a communication gateway to personalize the screens in the delivery area of the dealership. The Digital Dealership System makes it easy to customize the message for each customer and add promotional media and text to the screen.

Through a simple drag and drop interface, and simply typing the customer's name, the system is easy to customize for each new car delivery.

Adding custom marketing messages through the ticker allows non-intrusive reminders such as "Check us out on Facebook" or "Rate us 5 Stars on Dealer Rater."

The digital media profiles can be set to allow additional marketing information for the dealership, including branding messaging, referral programs, service information and important numbers for the new car customer.

The advanced media players allow multiple screens with DIFFERENT content to be controlled through a single interface.
Contact your representative to review your options.

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