Video Walls and Animated Banners for Car Dealers

Showroom Video Walls & Animated Banners enhance the dealership by creating a focal marketing point highlighting dealer branding, videos and even live TV.

With multiple showroom video wall options the Digital Dealership System provides a turn-key solution for installation and marketing services on the video wall that will meet the dealership marketing and budget goals.

Advanced video walls include minimal bezel screens, redundant power supplies and the ability to overlap multiple sources across individual monitors, creating a central entertainment and marketing component to an internal marketing strategy for car dealers.

showroom video wall

Showroom Video Wall

  • Large Format Video Walls for Car Dealer Showrooms
  • Multiple Video Wall Configurations include 2×2, 3×3, 1×3 & 1×4
  • Integrate Multiple Sources including Live TV
  • Supports HD and UltraHD 4K Video Wall Formats
  • Video Wall System Options Available based on Budget
  • Custom Video Wall Content Creation service Available
  • Online Management Console and Updated Marketing


Showroom Video Wall

Showroom Videos walls create a focal point for large walls and high ceiling showrooms with animated graphics, full vehicle videos and much more — including live tv framing for special events.

Showroom Video Animated Banner

Showroom Video Animated Banners replace static banners with live action graphics including waving banners, zooming cars, animated scenes and much more to create awareness of current programs and specials.

Disconnected Video Wall

Large format, disconnected video walls maximize wall space and show dealership branding and incredible video effects across the dealership showroom.

showroom video wall banner

Showroom Video Wall Banner

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