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The Digital Dealership System, a West Palm Beach Business that provides in-store digital sign marketing and interactive solutions to the auto industry, is waiving all service fees for dealers affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

“The emotional and ecomonic impact of these catastrophic storms on the staff and citizens of these cities is significant”, says Todd Katcher, Managing Director of the Digital Dealership System. Katcher continues, “regardless of the impact on our services and equipment in the store, we felt that waiving the service fees for these stores was the right thing to do.”

Cox Automotive has estimated the estimated impact of Hurricane Harvey at up to 500,000 vehicles, while Black Book puts the number closer to one million vehicles. Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor, puts a number on the recovery at over $180 billion with approximates of five years for full recovery.

Katcher was asked if other vendors will follow, he stated “I hope so. In the overall vendor world, we are a small billable for dealers, but I would hope that a small gesture on our part will be followed by much larger providers as a sign of unity and support for our dealer partners.”

CNBC indicated that the long-term impact of Hurricane Irma will be limited, mainly due to the lack of structural damage that was seen in the area of the storm. While the Keys received the brunt of the damage, with regard to the auto industry in mainland Florida was back in business shortly after the storm passed.

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