Touch-Screen Kiosks

Touch-Screen Kiosks increase dealer profits and customer brand engagement while enhancing the sales and service process in the dealership. Kiosks throughout the store provide a valuable resource for customers and staff.

Utilize touch-screen kiosks to enhance the sales and customer experience in the auto dealership with integration to a variety of applications all wrapped in your dealer marketing message. Multiple components can be combined using the DDSLauncher. Application to create a central point for the interactive digital dealership.


touch screen kiosks for car dealers

Touch-Screen Kiosks for Car Dealers


Touch-Screen Kiosks from the Digital Dealership System increase customer engagement with Auto Dealer’s products and services, adding ROI while increasing customer satisfaction. Add multiple kiosks in the dealership for centralized, dynamic customer experience.

  • Sales Showroom Kiosk: Customer Check-In, New/Used Inventory, Vehicle Research, Trade Value, Brochure, Accessories, Video Player
  • Service & Lounge Kiosk: Schedule and Upgrade, Inventory, Trade Value, Accessories, Brochure Request, Service Videos
  • Finance Kiosk: Finance Program Videos, Referral Programs, Payment Integration, Finance Packages
  • Mall Marketing: Customer Acquisition Sends Directly to dealer CRM / BDC


Touch-Screen Kiosks are custom designed for the location and dealership application. Each kiosk is custom wrapped with the dealership marketing message and logo. The interactive area is surrounded with remotely managed dealer marketing through images, ticker and the exclusive screensaver application.

Touch-Screen Digital Kiosk Pedestal

Touch-Screen Kiosks for Car Dealerships provide a centralized information and customer acquisition system for the auto dealership service and sales areas. The interactive component can support up to 8 applications including Tire Search, Inventory, Accessories, Brochure Request and much more. Manufactured in the USA, each kiosk is delivered preconfigured and wrapped with dealer marketing.

Touch-Screen Totem Kiosk

The Totem Kiosk, available in 42″ – 65″, offers a centralized display that acts as a large-format digital billboard with interactive elements and access to the Digital Dealership System application suite for Tire Search, Inventory, Customer Check-In, Appointments and much more. The exclusive screensaver creates a visual billboard highlighting sales and service specials.

Touch-Screen Table Kiosk

The large format tablet display provides an interactive ‘table’ measuring 42″ – 65″ for a truly immersive experience highlighting dealer services, branding and interactive solutions including Brochure Request, Appointments, Trade Value, Inventory and much more. Enhance the dealership customer engagement throughout the dealership with custom applications and marketing solutions on the touch-screen table kiosk.

42″ – 65″ Wall Mounted Touch Screen Kiosk

Large format touch-screen wall mounted kiosk solution provides a complete interactive solution for car dealers. Large touch-enabled screens from 42″ – 65″ allow interactivity that is great for intentory search, service and sales educational videos, vehicle configurator and much more. Integrate large format touch-screens with surrounding marketing creating a focal point for the showroom or put on a wheeled stand for a mobile solution.

IPad / Tablet Kiosk

The ipad / tablet kiosk provides dealers with a portable, cost-effective interactive customer experience accessing Inventory, Brochure Request or any custom car dealership application. The lightweight system can be placed throughout the dealership and configured for multiple uses including special events and registrations. Manufacturered in the USA, each ipad / tablet kiosk is delivered preconfigured and wrapped with dealer marketing.





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