Kiosk Inventory System provides Unique In-Store Experience

Kiosk Inventory System provides Unique In-Store Experience

Auto Dealership Inventory Search Kiosk Solution provides car dealer customers and sales staff with a resource to see live inventory including new and used vehicle. Search results include images in a touch-swipe friendly format specifically designed for the kiosks.

Filters provided can narrow the vehicle search by color, year, make, model and trim. The touch-friendly kiosk application provides dynamic information on any vehicle, while the lead information is sent to the dealership for follow-up.

The Inventory Search Kiosk application for car dealers can be added to the touch-screen kiosks interactive window along with other applications to create a valualable customer information resource kiosk that also provides leads for the dealership.

Touch-Screen kiosk solutions from the Digital Dealership System are customized for each application and placement.

Kiosk Inventory System provides Unique In-Store Experience Key Features

  • Interactive Search of Dealer’s Inventory
  • Filter Results by Year, Make, Model, Color and more
  • Touch-Friendly Interface including Image Swipe and Scroll
  • Request More Information sends Leads to Dealer CRM
  • Automatically Updated from Dealer Inventory Feed
  • Remotely managed and updated marketing
  • Combine with multiple applications for the lounge or drive


The Digital Dealership System kiosk solution provides for multiple marketing options that allow dealers to remotely add seasonal promotions, ticker messages and videos to make the Inventory kiosk system a more interactive and relevant solution for the dealership.

Whether on it’s own or combined with other dealer assets such as Dealer Accessories, Vehicle Inventory, Lead Capture Registration and more — the touch-screen inventory search application solution from the Digital Dealership System provides dealers with a turn-key kiosk to gather more leads in their dealership and increase customer satisfaction with the dealership buying process.

Touch-Screen Digital Kiosks with the Inventory Search application bring interactivity in your auto dealership to a new level.

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