Digital Showroom Signs Make a Lasting Impression

Dealerships are struggling to stand out in a crowded market. Many rely on group and regional advertising and don’t spend the additional money to differential themselves from other local dealers. They hope that there is “something” that makes them different in the area, but they have no plan.

Creating a memorable in-store experience is the WOW factor that will attract additional mentions, referrals, good-faith, and future business. In fact, having a complete in-store marketing and process driven solution will increase revenues, increase closing ratios, increase staff performance, and win additional future business in sales and service.

This is a multi-step approach and in this article, we will focus on the showroom digital signage experience.

The showroom is your first chance to make a lasting impression on your customers. It’s your first chance to say “we are different”.
This is similar to the outfit you select to wear for the big interview, date night or visiting the in-laws.

Dealerships time and again are using the same old vinyl banners, murals, and over-sized prints in their store — only to fall flat — because they are making no effort at all. I was recently in a Chicago store that had the banners covering every wall. The banners have been there so long, the paint was a different color behind it.

Most dealerships are spending over 90% of their marketing dollars on digital marketing over print. And yet, when you walk in most stores, the opposite is true.

The in-store experience starts with the customer’s first step through the front door.

Here’s an opportunity:
Take a picture of your front door experience and email it to info@ddsmail.co — we will mock-up a Digital Experience for you at no cost!

Digital Options for your Front Door Showroom Experience

Showroom Digital Signs
Installing multiple large format commercial grade screens across your showroom is an inexpensive way to stand out in a crowded market, highlight your brand, tell customers about your why-buys, and make a lasting impression. With each screen running the same video content and tickers, the solution is seamless and not distracting to the sales process. Don’t fall for the old-school mentality of making a showroom into a sports bar with ESPN on every screen. Focus your customers on the experience, closing the deal and why they should do business with the dealership. Today’s buyers want to complete a transaction as soon as possible — running sports on the screen isn’t going to speed up that process. If they want to watch TV, they can go to the lounge or back home. The Showroom Experience is all about selling cars.

Video Wall
Video walls come in a variety of solutions from the very inexpensive to the modern solution with more features. Pushing TVs together to create a large picture is one way a video wall can be created, it also is the least professional and doesn’t offer any flexibility. Monitors that are specifically designed for video walls offer the thinnest of bezels, centralized power and connected solutions. The high-end systems included battery backups and processing units that support multiple inputs. With these systems you can use the remote control to state which source runs on which monitors or group of monitors — and if there is an overlay on the standard videos playing. The options are truly great and the experience between high-end and entry level is measurable.

The video wall can be a central part of your dealership marketing strategies. It’s the WOW factor and it’s an investment. Skimping on this level of investment is a waste of hard earned money and only creates issues down the road when the installed solution doesn’t meet your expectations and you see a dealer down the street spend the money and blow the doors off your investment.

Video walls are available in multiple formats — from 2 x 2 to 3 x 3 and larger formats — to video banners that are 1 x 3 or 1 x 4 or larger.

Disconnected Video Wall
For those looking to create a WOW experience without a HUGE expense, Disconnected Video Walls allow for larger monitors at a fraction of the cost of their video wall counterparts. Disconnected Video Walls are made up of large screens with a gap between them, all run from a single media player that allows graphics to fly from screen to screen in a coordinated marketing effort. Custom content designed for these walls allows for a variety of marketing solutions including running a variety of eye-catching graphics, not just related to automotive. In addition, having multiple screens provides the dealer the ability to post animations taking advantage of the width of design and integrate multiple messages at one.

Digital Sales Appointment Board
Digital Sales Appointment Boards welcome customers to the store, let them know you are expecting them, and lets them know the sales person they are meeting today. The sales appointment board can also rotate with additional marketing of new vehicles, dealer why-buys, and rotating ticker messages creating a professional DIGITAL experience that exceeds the expectations and puts a smile on customers’ faces. Digital Sales Appointment Boards are the digital conversion of the dry-erase board and makes a lasting impression in the dealership.

How does your store look when someone walks in the door?
How is your brand and store value position reflected from the entrance?
Showroom digital sign options create the WOW factor for customers when they walk in your store and help to separate you from that moment. Dealers spend a lot of money stating why they are different. If nothing else, they talk about it amongst their peers and brag about it at conferences. If a customer is your most valuable asset — than what is their vision? And how are you different to them.

Invest in Showroom Digital Signage as one part of your total in-store marketing and process driven strategy. Add showroom digital signage to kiosks, sales leaderboards, customer lounge TV and service appointment systems to maximize your return on all your marketing and advertising efforts.

Here’s an opportunity:
Take a picture of your front door experience and email it to info@ddsmail.co — we will mock-up a Digital Experience for you at no cost!

About Digital Dealership System
Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Digital Dealership System is the premier digital signage and interactive kiosk solution for auto industry. The Digital Dealership System is the ONLY provider offering the complete solution for the auto industry that enhances the customer in-store experience through an integrated marketing and process-based solution. The custom designed, high-definition digital systems assist dealer processes, marketing exposure of dealer products, services and specials, while maximizing customer interactive engagement and staff motivation on screens throughout the modern-day auto dealership increasing bottom line revenues, long-term customer retention, distinguished market position and staff performance.

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