Customer Resource Center – Interactive Touch Screen

Utilized the Customer Resource Center to provide an interactive sales and service process in the modern day dealership. The system features customized dealer content and applications making each installation unique and memorable.

Interactive solutions appeal to the modern car buyer and increase customer satisfaction with the dealer showroom process.

On the sales floor, the Customer Resource Center Interactive Touch Screen Wall Mounted Kiosk is a focal point creating an interactive sales process and educational tool for customer and dealership staff alike. Utilized the system to view inventory, compare vehicles, schedule a service appointment, finance programs and customize vehicles with accessories.


interactive customer resource center

Interactive Customer Resource Center

In the service areas, the Customer Resource Center Interactive Touch Screen Wall Mounted Kiosk assists in selling additives, such as BG, MOC, Wynn’s, with interactive videos, along with service appointments, trade-in value, accessories, tire search and much more.

Each customer resource center is appealing to a wide age group, easy to understand and simple to operate. With each wall touch kiosk supporting dealer customized applications, the system is easy to integrate with other sales and service processes. For those seeking advanced applications, the Digital Dealership System has a team of engineers ready to create custom applications for your dealership.

  •  Large, Interactive Touch Screen Wall Kiosk
  • Utilize on the Sales Showroom and Service Areas
  • Increase Revenues through Interactive Vehicle Demos
  • Interactive Displays Appeal to Modern Car Buyer
  • Customized with Dealer Specific Applications
  • Dynamic Marketing Screensaver Resets after Use
  • Remotely Managed and Updated Solutions


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