The “Dare to Compare” board in your service drive needs to evolve. For many years, dealerships have printed posters to hang in the service drive comparing their services with those of their competition. As pricing and services change, they often place tape over outdated information and write the new information on the tape. Over time, these posters start looking sloppy. In the customer’s eyes, these sloppy posters lack credibility and are a poor reflection of the dealership. These outdated, sloppy posters do more harm than good.

Dealerships across the country have started leveraging technology in an effort to legitimize their “Dare to Compare” boards while telling the story of the service department. Dealerships are replacing their old printed and taped boards with flat-screen televisions and digital signage solutions to display educational “Why Buy” pricing systems and videos. These new systems are easy to update, using simple text and graphics, while allowing the video to rotate multiple templates, along with additional information, such as videos and image content.

Digital “Dare to Compare” branding boards grab a customer’s attention at a much greater rate
than standard printed signs, while being a value for dealership staff. They allow you not only to highlight pricing, but also services, including offers that separate you from the competition. Do you offer a free car wash with service? Do you offer a free safety check? Do your competitors?
Educate your customers that the service at your dealership is not just about price, but also about quality, expert knowledge and additional services others don’t have.

Updating digital “Dare to Compare” boards is simple through online user interfaces that make it easy to change a price or comparison company. Many systems allow for multiple ticker messages, videos, animations and much more. Check the flexibility of the systems in place to ensure that a price can be easily changed without having to create a completely new image.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of the service drive, moving to digital “Dare to Compare” boards provides the opportunity to present customers with more information about other repairs. Customers can be conditioned for future repairs through educational content that can be mixed in with the traditional information presented on “Dare to Compare” boards. Many dealerships are now placing customer testimonials as commercials intertwined with the other information presented on the boards. Advanced systems can even integrate service appointments for a dual-use communication platform.

“Dare to Compare” boards have been a staple in dealership service drives for decades. They are now evolving into a more powerful multifaceted digital marketing tool. Dealerships that are early adopters to this technology can — and will — enjoy an advantage in the service drive that impacts their bottom line and enhances their customer service.

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