Consumers are visiting fewer and fewer dealerships when it comes time for them to purchase a vehicle. When a customer enters your showroom for the first time, how does your in-store experience separate your store from the next? High-impact signage and visuals provided by video walls and digital banners can make any dealership look new and modern. Showing videos, dealer marketing, pictures, video testimonials and any TV footage can make a memorable first impression and increase awareness of the dealership initiatives.

Video walls are usually made from highresolution monitors with an extremely small bezel (border) of about two millimeters, making the images seamless. Video screens are connected to a central processor with multiple inputs that allow for overlapping video or coordinated footage where one part of the system is showing a video and the other is showing live TV — overlapping or stretching videos accordingly. High-end systems use a central powered unit and battery backup in an all-in-one system that is easy to maintain and use. The result is a modern, informative and entertaining atmosphere that brings your dealership’s message to life far better than static displays that can quickly become stale and outdated.

For the budget conscious — or dealers with large spaces to fill — a disconnected video wall may be the way to go. A disconnected video wall is a series of monitors working together, but with a space in between. Using commercial-grade screens connected to a sophisticated computer, images can race across the screens and content can be specifically created to convey the dealer message across a showroom using TVs of any size. Disconnected TVs offer the “wow” factor at a fraction of the cost of traditional video wall components.

With different finance options available, video walls are more affordable than ever. As part of a complete digital signage package, video walls welcome customers and distinguish dealers at the point of entry. Adding video walls to service appointment signs and customer lounge TVs, as well as showroom and service Interactive kiosks, complete the dealership experience and
increase bottom-line revenue and CSI for dealership customers.

Video walls can keep your customers engaged in the sales process while browsing in the showroom or during the inevitable “dead” times that take place in the sales process. Keep your customer’s eye on you and your dealership with interactive and informative displays, and set your dealership apart from those who rely on static displays. Every dealership is looking for something to set them apart from the competition; video walls are a dynamic way to
achieve that goal.

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